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Dad Scott Crawford with daughters Brooke (left) and Kayla

As a dad, sometimes it’s hard to figure out what activities to do with your kids. This is not the case with down-to-earth, rad-dad Scott Crawford. Father to two daughters, Crawford earned the nickname “Chernobyl” from his skater peers for the way he still charges the bowl and curbs at local skate parks. Crawford is actually a mild-mannered guy with a punk rock history but his punk DNA obviously had an impact on his girls.

How old were you when you became a parent?
I was 19.

What kind of lifestyle did you lead before you had children?
I had a lifestyle you don’t want to brag to your kids about. I was totally into the Metroplex scene in Atlanta. Those were some crazy days. I could tell some stories, but I’ll stop while I’m ahead.

Did having children profoundly change your life/lifestyle?
It totally did. I quit partying and became a dad. You look at the world completely differently, because you have this little baby who is dependent on only you. It was a change for the better.

After producing two girls, were you kind of bummed (not that boys are better than girls, just a dude thing)?
I wouldn’t say bummed, but at the time I never thought they would be into the same things as me.

When did you realize that your girls would be just as awesome (from a dude’s point of view) and you could still live your life through them?
Well, I realized they were awesome the day they were born, but as far as realizing they had the same interests as me, Kayla was about 3 when I noticed she was musically talented, so we always had instruments around for her to play with and Brooke was a tomboy from the time she started walking.

Did you get them in to cool stuff or did it just naturally happen?
I would say both. Like I said, Kayla … always wanted to be around [music] and I play guitar, so it was available to her. The same thing with Brooke. She was the most active kid ever, so we would just buy different toys to keep her busy and one of those just happened to be a skateboard.

When did Kayla start rocking and what does she play?
Kayla was about 11 when she learned to play guitar and around 12 when she started playing the violin. Kayla plays the most eclectic music from the Misfits to Johnny Cash.

When did Brook start ripping on a skateboard?
Brooke was 11 when she got her first skateboard and has never put it down since.

What was the progression of each daughter’s hobbies and how did you play a part?
Kayla has progressed so quickly. First she was just playing around the house, then she joined Camp Jam and started singing and playing with a band and is a totally sick musician. Brooke went from a little girl learning to skate to now being a sponsored AM skater in just five years.
They are both so passionate about what they do. There is not a day Kayla is not playing music and Brooke is not skating. I played a part by always going in the basement and jamming with Kayla and taking Brooke out skating when ever she wanted to. A dad’s got to do whatever it takes to make his girls happy.

How old are they now?
Kayla is 18 and is leaving for college this fall and Brooke is 16.

Where would you like to see your daughters go with their lives?
All I want is for them to be happy.

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