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Box it out

No Comments 02 April 2012

Tough mamas hop in the ring for charity.

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Mama Rules

Ride the disco pony

Loose and funky dancing can help shed extra pounds

No Comments 01 September 2010

If you think you’re too cool to boogie, boy, oh boy, have I got news for you. Slip on your imaginary platform shoes and transport yourself back to Studio 54 every Wednesday night at Dance 101. Bubba Carr is the resident disco king and dance instructor who takes us back to the ‘70s with his […]

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Mama Rules

A state of undress

Syrens of the South helps moms love their bodies again

No Comments 01 December 2009

“My kids are finally teething!” “We’re beginning to get on a regular sleeping schedule.” “Before the baby, I’d remember to bring water for everyone, now it’s hard to remember to breathe sometimes!” “Well, we can’t leave yet, the kids are having too much fun playing!” This isn’t a new moms’ playgroup or parents picking up […]

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