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Media Review

Have a funky ‘Hootenanny’ with band Jambo

1 Comment 12 February 2013

"Hootenanny" delivers important messages in some rockin' rootsy tunes.

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Atomic Family, Feature

A peek into life of the Simmons-Dawson family

No Comments 12 July 2012

Faith Dawson and David Lee Simmons were a little unprepared when they got the call their adoption process was coming to a happy close.

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Hump Day Humor

Taking care of babies is hard

No Comments 08 July 2012

With a 6-week-old in the house, this means we are experiencing some of the most amazing and most miserable moments of our lives simultaneously.

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Douglas Brake’s organic fall into children’s music

1 Comment 11 June 2012

Musician Douglas Brake began making up songs to sing to his son before realizing those tunes could make an album.

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Daddy Rocks

Daddy’s girls

Local moms reveal what makes their fathers special

No Comments 01 June 2010

A lot of folks grow up without dads. And while they tend to turn out better than, we think those that grow up with awesome dads are pretty lucky. To learn more about what makes a great dad, Ruckus went to the experts: daddy’s girls. LINDSEY WALSWORTH nanny, baker and wifelet What makes you a […]

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Daddy Rocks

Take that!

Dad relishes his and his son's mixed martial arts achievements

No Comments 01 December 2009

Miami Burgess, a tattoo artist at Psycho Tattoo in Douglasville for 15 years, used to get his adrenaline rushes from hitting clubs like the Wreck Room and Club Anytime. But having his son, Brinton, changed that. Now, he gets his adrenaline from everything from mixed martial arts to fabricating and custom painting. He’s also too […]

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Daddy Rocks

Daddy’s girls

No Comments 01 September 2009

As a dad, sometimes it’s hard to figure out what activities to do with your kids. This is not the case with down-to-earth, rad-dad Scott Crawford. Father to two daughters, Crawford earned the nickname “Chernobyl” from his skater peers for the way he still charges the bowl and curbs at local skate parks. Crawford is […]

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