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Trying to keep a birthday bash green

1 Comment 02 April 2012

It's difficult to throw a green birthday party for a child. Here's one mama's attempt.

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The treat store

Stepping away from high-fructose corn syrup takes some will power

No Comments 01 September 2010

I was thrilled when the Yogurt Tap opened in Decatur, but I had to have a hysterical mom moment before I embraced the place my 3-year-old daughter now calls the Treat Store. I composed a brief, desperate e-mail to the owner: “Is your product sweetened with corn syrup? No judgment, just wondering!” She immediately responded […]

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Raiding the pantry to keep your house clean … sort of

No Comments 01 June 2010

If you should, as I did recently, open the pantry door to find your 3-year-old spraying window cleaner into a cup while her pal swills it down, I hope you remember, as I did, prior to calling poison control, that it’s just vinegar and water. There are plenty of good reasons to use white vinegar […]

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To the curb?

Consider the options when looking to unload stuff

No Comments 01 March 2010

I love clearing out clutter. I love the sense of purpose as I purge our closets, drawers and garage of unwanted stuff and the feeling of clarity and accomplishment when I’m done. Ever since I got a little more educated about landfills, finding good homes for my cast-offs takes time and patience. In the old […]

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I’m dreaming of a … greenish Christmas

How a green mom tries to be eco-friendly during the holidays

No Comments 01 December 2009

Last year we bought a small, living Christmas tree. We placed it in the living room, strung some lights and hung a few ornaments, causing the tree lean over in a sweet, Charlie Brown fashion. Our 2-year-old daughter loved it. In January, we planted our tree in the back yard. This seemed the eco-friendliest solution […]

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