writers’ guidelines


Atomic Family welcomes unsolicited feature story ideas that may fit the magazine’s mission. E-mail ideas to Editor Lea Holland at editor@atomicfamilymagazine.com.
• Queries should include proposed subject, sources, length and writer samples.
• Please do not simultaneously submit the same material to another publication.
• Atomic Family will assist in obtaining interviews, attending events, etc. as needed.
• Submissions may be edited and published at any time.
• Atomic Family retains all rights to material unless otherwise arranged.
• Atomic Family retains the right to also publish everything that appears in our magazine on the atomicfamilymagazine.com website and other sites that use our content.


Currently, Atomic Family cannot offer payment for any submissions.


Deadlines are set when the story is assigned.

Submission format

Electronic submissions are preferred (e-mail, text files, MS Word file or RTF files).
When submitting your story, include name, e-mail address, phone number and mailing address.

Writing guidelines

Writing style and fact-checking: Adhere as closely as possible to the Associated Press Stylebook, though personal essays can break the rules for emphasis. Be thorough. Check the spelling of names and titles more than once.

Features and lengths:
Cover stories: These will explore alternative parents or parenting ideas. This is a piece that relies more heavily on reporting than first-person introspection. These articles include interviews and quotes from experts and outside sources, but would have human interest. Think outside-the-box for stories that you may not find in the mainstream media. 1,000 words.

Secondary stories: See cover stories. 1,000 words.

CD, book and website reviews: We’re looking for CDs kids will like but won’t drive the parents up the wall (and it doesn’t have to be kids’ music); books to entertain the child or help the parents stay sane; and Web sites that offer goods, services or information parents want or may find helpful. 100-150 words.

Artsy Fartsy: Our craft section can include any funky and/or DIY projects. These features can be first-person and need to include supplies and step-by-step instructions. 400-500 words.

Daddy Rocks: This feature can focus on an alternative activity for a dad and child to do together or for the father alone. Past examples have included a dad whose daughters play guitar and skateboard, and a dad who practices mixed martial arts with his son. 400-500 words.

Mama Rules: This feature focuses on an alternative activity for a mom and child or for the mom herself. Past examples have included toddler/mom yoga, and moms taking burlesque classes. 400-500 words.

Featured family: This spotlight shines on an interesting family with a diverse makeup. We’re looking for families who are blended, gay, bi-racial, adoptive, tattooed, pierced or who have a different idea of how to raise their children. We have a set of questions we typically ask, with variations in the questions based on the family’s situation, though deviations from this formula are acceptable when approved. 900-1,000 words.

Dining Out: The short reviews of kid-friendly restaurants should be geographically diverse and consist of different genres. 150 words each.

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